Nov 14, 2011


I went to IMATS Toronto this past Sunday and had a blast! I took my younger sister; Skye and we had the best time! We met Koren Zander of Enkore makeup Fame, we saw Elessa Jade of PurseBuzz, Bought everything and ate french fries like Bosses.

We arrived to the Toronto Congress Centre at about 9:35 a.m, and were able to Purchase our tickets Immediately, we joined a short line and were let into the show at about 9:48. I was very surprised and delighted. I've never been to any sort of "Convention" where it's so well handled, and so easy for the attendees to get in and out without complaint. The Centre was very clean, as were the bathrooms (FINALLY!!!), and as far as I know; the ATM did not run out of Cash!

As soon as we were let in, almost everyone rushed over to the NYX booth; I could see why, amazing quality for even amazing-er prices! To my dear Skye's dismay they were almost completely sold out of their soft matte lip cream's I had heard so much about, so she purchased a burgundy-red colour in the lip cream as well as a foundation and an eyebrow pencil; I bought: eyeshadows and bronzer, lip laquer and eyeliner, lip liner, nail varnish, eyeshadow base, makeup removing cleansing oil, false lashes and an eyebrow pencil.

After we left NYX we ventured over to Crown Brush (imho: the best brush company ever!) and bought, bought, bought, purchased, at least 4 times throughout the day; many, many brushes, brush cleaner, cotton pads, an eyeshadow palette (from Jordane), and Single Use Spatula's!

We went over to peruse: NARS who were selling at normal price, Naked Cosmetics who have the neatest mineral shadows and cosmetics, eye kandy glitters, LA Splash Cosmetics (I bought their eyeshadow sealer--it's freakin' amazing!), and a few others.

Then we went to see the O.C.C booth, and the beautiful Lip Tar's. We tested them all, then purchased Hoochie for myself: which is this awesome intense lavendery magenta shade. and Skye purchased NSFW: which is a very true red.

We also visited Royal and LangNickel brush Co. to purchase a few of their brushes, and Bdellium Tools to pick up a few more! One can never have too many brushes. I now have a bajillion brushes, well 32 to be exact.

Model In a Bottle was one of our final stops for the day, Unfortunately their debit machine got busted in Transit, so I called The Best Boyfriend in the World! and he came to bring me some cash. I purchased their sensitive skin formula setting spray and I must say so far I am very impressed!

Overall we had a great day at IMATS and I will for sure be attending other years!

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