Feb 29, 2012

Twitter Hop

They're Holding a Twitter Hop over at BlogLoveTherapy you should check it out, I'm apart and it's so much fun:)


Feb 27, 2012

Palmer's Cocoa Butter Formula Firming Butter

Today's Post is a kind of pseudo review/experiment in one. It is all about this product (down there!)
Palmer's Firming Butter retails for $4.79 CAD at WalMart-It Claims to be "specifically designed to firm and tone your skin, anytime, even after pregnancy or weightloss." It has Collagen and Elastin in its formula, along with the usual Cocoa and Shea Butter; It says that it "helps improve skin elasticity and texture." While Vitamin E and Ginseng relieve and soften "stressed" skin, while Co-Enzyme Q-10 helps smooth and revitalize said skin. It also claims to help improve the appearance of Stretch Marks! You are instructed to apply this twice daily over your "flubby bits" ie: Legs, Tummy, bust and thighs.

I was very skeptical about this, but I thought it's $5 bucks, no biggie. So let's hear some results; I have been using this 2-3 times a day for approximately 4 days. My Skin is already tighter, more toned, and less (in lieu of a better adjective) "flubby". This stuff has already minimized the appearance of stretch marks, and Overall makes me feel way better, My Thunder Thighs don't jiggle as much when I walk, and I love that even after a pretty rapid weightloss (see photo at bottom) like mine, I can rejuvinate my skin with such an inexpensive and delicious smelling product!

I hope I'm not giving the idea that this cream serves as a tummy tuck in a bottle, it doesn't, but it definitely helps your skin to tighten and to stretch without an obscene number of stretch marks. I am definitely an advocate of Palmer's Cocoa Butter Formula's Now, I urge every pregnant woman, every woman or man attempting weightloss, or anyone who feels a little "flubby" to use this product like there's no tomorrow, No need to thank me; I did not create this miracle cream, I only reviewed it. How Humble am I? LOL!!!

My Experiment is too reduce the amount of "flubby" skin, that surrounds all my toned muscles-I work damn hard to keep in shape, and I want to show it off. I also wanted to reduce the appearance of stretch marks, I've had them forever--I was a big child, and a pretty chunky teenager. I wanted to improve my self esteem, and I thought that perhaps, this Firming Butter could help. And so far, 4 days In, I am way more confident, and my skin feels so amazing, and I always smell delicious! Which is a HUGE plus. I shall update my reader's on my experiment as it goes on (perhaps once a week, but no promises!)

xxstay cheeky:)

Feb 21, 2012

Simple, Sophisticated Smoky "V" Look

My Video Of The Day Today is a really simple, sophisticated "V" eye look, it's created using Taupes. I love Taupe, I feel like it looks great on virtually everyone! If you don't happen to be a Taupe person, try this look with bronzey warm browns, or rich chocolates!


MAYBELLINE Color Tattoo-Tough as Taupe
MAYBELLINE Natural Smokes Quad-Nude Shimmer, Shimmery Taupe
Revlon MATTE Luxurious Kohl Eyeliner Pencil-White
Hard Candy-1,000 Lashes Fiberized Lash Weave Primer
MAYBELLINE Great Lash-Blackest Black
MAYBELLINE Master Precise Eyeliner Pen in Black

Victoria's Secret Beauty Rush Bronzer
Love and Beauty by Forever 21 Blush-Light Pink

Sleek Lip Pencil-Blackberry
MAC Lip Pencil-Naked

xxstay cheeky

Feb 16, 2012


The NOTD is brought to us this month by Julep. Julep is a nail varnish company in the States, for those of you who haven't heard. Julep runs a monthly beauty box called Julep Maven Box. In the Maven Box you receive over $40.00 USD worth of product, the newest and best that Julep has to offer, in a cute package, to your door, once a month! and it costs $19.99 in subscription fees each month.

I was able to get my Maven Box for only 1 measly penny. (I'll post the coupon code below!)  I was skeptical about trying out Julep because of half hearted reviews from other polish enthusiasts, but for a penny; I caved! I received the "American Beauty" Box for the month of February and it contained: a dark chocolate bar (it was so extremely tasty!), Glenn: a Bold, Berry Red Shimmer, Oscar: a beautiful, beige/sandy gold glitter polish and the essential cuticle oil.

All these products retail at...the lacquers: Glenn and Oscar are $14.99 USD, the Essential Cuticle Oil is normally $18.00 USD and...they don't sell the chocolate bars; to my dismay, but alas--I digress.

The NOTD is Glenn: a bold, berry red shimmer polish. I love this colour, because it's more berry toned, fair skinned gals like myself can pull it off; also, it's sophisticated enough for day-to-day but not too grown up of a colour. It is exactly what I've been wanting!

After the first coat the coverage was awesome, but I figured I would do two coats like the company says, and they were right, it's even more stunning as a bolder, brighter shimmer red.
I am loving this colour and this company so far--They've won me with chocolates! What do you think?


Feb 14, 2012


In honour of this lovey-dovey day, I filmed two Makeup Tutorials and a Date Night OOTD
I will add them to this post, so you don't have to go view my channel on YouTube, although If You'd like to see all of my awesome Tutorials, reviews, and SPFX work videos, the link is HERE!

My Pinks and Purples Look
My Romantic Look
and My Date Night OOTD!
Hope you enjoy these, I know I had fun making them:)
xxstay cheeky

Feb 6, 2012

OOTD! fun, bright, early 90's inspired Outfit!

Today's video is for an OOTD that I absolutely love! It reminds me of Punky Brewster, and early 90's bubblegum pop music! It is...
Old Navy Black Leggings
Sirens white lace tights w/ olive and rose flower pattern
Sirens high waisted cute shorts w/ suspenders
Bluenotes yellow wide mouthed sweatshirt
Olive American Eagle Ribbed Tank Top

My Hair...
was deep parted on the left side
Left side was twisted in two rows and secured with elastics.
Right side of part everything was teased, then gathered into a low side ponytail
I then pinned back my bangs.

My Makeup...
My Blue& Gold smoky eye look, from my tutorial:)

xxstay cheeky

Feb 4, 2012

Blue& Gold Smoky eye

This Look is inspired by my upcoming anniversary plans, for our 6 year anniversary we are going to Medieval Times! I couldn't be more excited! This look has lots of watery looking blues and yellowy golds, hope you all enjoy!

e.l.f eyelid primer
I Heart Matte Palette-Nude, Apricot
L'Oreal H.I.P Duo in Flamboyant-Gold
Sleek Me, Myself&Eye Palette-Golden Silvers, and Blue Monday
Too Faced Shadow Exclusive to Liquif-eye Palette-Robin's egg Blue
Rimmel Trio Shadows-Maritime-Middle blue and last blue
88 colour Palette from Crown Brush-Two deepest Blue's
Hard Candy Fiberized Lash Weave-Primer
Almay intense i-color light interplay technology-Black Steel
Rimmel Lasting Finish Blendable Powder Blush & Highlighter-Summer Fever
NYX Lip Pencil-Dolly Pink
Revlon Color Burst Lip Butter-Cupcake

xxstay cheeky

Feb 1, 2012

January Favorites; Loves&a Loathe!

I can't believe January is over already! Time went by so quickly, Oh Gosh! I feel older:( Anywho, my Favorites for this month are not as extensive as last! but...Here goes!

Numero Uno; is the L'Oreal Ever Pure Sulfate Free Colour Care UV Protecting Spray. I bought this for $4.00 CAD at saleevent.ca which is a canadian discount pharmacy warehouse, with locations across. It is worth every penny; It's worth a ba-jillion pennies! You spray it on wet or damp hair, and then comb it throughout, it distributes and disperses evenly in your hair, and helps protect it against harmful UV rays, and breakage! Colour treated hair needs extra care so this one is the one for Coloured hair, but all you natural haired beauties do not fret! They make one for you too; with the same pretty scent of Rosemary Mint. I love the formula--it's so lightweight, it doesn't feel sticky, or like there is even any product in it, and having fine hair, I feel I can speak for everyone when I say that a product free feeling is an excellent one!

Dos; Hard Candy-Ginormous Lash with Lash growth serum. This is very quickly becoming one of my favorite Mascara's! It is a wet enough formula that it just glides on, the perfect amount of wax, and my favorite part...LASH GROWTH SERUM! It claims to promote eyelash growth, while being a super volumizing wonder! Hard Candy has this to say about their little miracle product: "Now you can have the thickest, fullest, and longest lashes with Ginormous Volumizing Mascara plus Growth Serum. Ginormous Volumizing Mascara has been infused with Growth Serum to promote long-term lash growth, strength and vitality. Apply and watch as Ginormous plus Growth Serum stimulates your lashes to appear longer, fuller, and stronger with regular use. " Mine is Carbon Black, I don't believe they have other colours in this formula yet. And did I mention that this may just replace Revlon's Grow Luscious by fabulash as my top growth formula? It is definitely worth picking up at only $5.98 CAD at Wal-Mart, it's a steal!

Tres; Bath&Body Works new scent from the signature collection-Pink Chiffon! this scent in a spritzy spray form, will be available February 6th! RUN, don't walk; RUN to the stores to get it. It smells like delicious candy, like a Raspberry Gummy Candy or a Snow Cone. It is so delicious but not too sweet in a oh-my-gosh-my-stomach-hurts-so-much-why-did-I-eat-all-that-candy way. They have this to say about the newest fragrance: "Pink Chiffon, an ultra-feminine blend of Sparkling Red Pear, Vanilla Orchid and Whipped Chiffon Musk inspired by the effortless grace and beauty of a master ballerina.
  • Top: Mandarin, Sparkling Red Pear, Peach Nectar, Wild Berries
  • Mid: Tiare Flower, Jasmine Petals, Water Lily, Apple Blossom
  • Dry: Coconut Milk, Vanilla Orchid, Creamy Sandalwood, Heliotrope, Chiffon Musk."
This scent is just plain gorgeous! go grab some, before it's all gone!

I Forgot how to say four in Spanish; MAYBELLINE Color Tattoo in Fierce & Tangy. A beautiful matte creamy/velvety eyeshadow that 1) dupes MAC paint pots 2) applies like a dream 3) has 24 hour wear and it hardly creases! 4) is so bright and vivid-you'll have to pinch yourself! 5) Is super buildable, and it applies like cream, and dries like a Luxurious MAC shadow! What else can I say about this amazing product? MAYBELLINE says: "Dare to wear 24HR shadow.
• Ink technology creates 24HR wear shadow for our most intense, long-lasting color saturation
• Cream formula glides on without creasing and keeps color vibrant
• Ophthalmologist-tested.  Safe for sensitive eyes and contact lens wearers." They don't really have all that much to say about this ingenious little product that's been blowing up the beauty blog-o-sphere-when they should! or...maybe they're hoping word-of-mouth will hype the product for them--that must be it! It's a steal, I purchased this at the sale price of $5.96 CAD from Wal-Mart, which is an amazing deal! Even at it's normal sale price of I think $11.96 CAD it's so super-duper worth it!

My LOATHE product this month was from NYX. Now let me preface this by saying that I love almost every NYX product I have and my collection is pretty extensive (it includes: eyeshadows, brow products, lip products, cheek products, face products, cleansers, etc.). This Product is the liquid eyeliner in Electric Blue, NYX says: "Liquid liner that offers bold and precise lining for subtle or dramatic effects in a variety of fun shades." NO NYX, IT DOESN'T! It's formula is super pigmented, but far, far too watery. The lining is pointless, you have to go over it atleast 4 times but you have to wait for the previous layer to dry completely before you do, or else you risk messing up the whole thing!-and you can feel the product tightly on the eyes for the entire time that you're wearing it, THE. ENTIRE. TIME! it is also really really flakey, it doesn't rub or fade like most liquid liners, it painfully flakes, and near the eyes, you don't want painful or tight. I payed $7 CAD for this product (I've gotten better quality at the dollar mart!), and I hoped I would maybe getting something of quality, but I guess with some products you win and with some products, Unfortunately for me; you lose. the only semi-good thing about this product is the brush, I like the fine brush on this product, kind of that's it!

That's it for my January Favorites! Loves and a Loathe! I hope this helps you when purchasing any of these products

xxstay lovely