Dec 16, 2011

Victorian Disco Cosmetics Review

About a month ago, I found a woman named Smashley on the Beautylish forum’s. She was about to launch the store for her cosmetics that she had been labouring away on for a year! She wanted to know if certain ladies would like to be apart of the trials; so Immediately I jumped at the chance, as I adore mineral shadows…and let’s face it anything Victorian and anything Disco.

 She sent me a bubble mailer with a pretty, decorative cellophane bag; closed with a VDC logo sticker. On the bag was an adorable Hello Kitty Post-It with a personalized note, and in the bag were my 10 products to review.
She has a few different collections prepared for the launch. My first 5 shadows are from the Galaxy Down The Street collection, which in my opinion is a pretty Kick Arse name for a collection.
The Colours I received are: Do the Jabba Jabba, R2, The Fett, Ewok Pajama Party, and Yoda’s Yoga Matt. First of all, the name’s are freaking awesome! Do the Jabba Jabba is this amazing bright, lemony yellow with goldy shimmer-It has awesome pigmentation and blends really nicely. R2 is a beautiful, vivid Sky Blue with Bright, blue shimmer-It has really nice staying power, an eye shadow primer or foiling makes this colour leap off your face! The Fett is one of my favorites! It is a really nice, dusty kind of Violet, with pink and blue shimmer. It is gorgeous foiled! It makes brown eyes and green eyes POP like you wouldn’t believe! Ewok Pyjama Party is the only shadow out of 8 that I’m not too happy with, it is this pretty, dusty, medium grey with purple, gold and green shimmer; but the colour on falls very short of any expectation I had, the pigmentation just isn’t there, neither is the blend-ability, I found this colour to be kind of chalky in texture, I wanted to love it, but it just wasn’t in the cards! Last but definitely not least, Yoda’s Yoga Matt; It is a pale, pale, springy green, with golden/silvery and pink shimmer! It is a stunning highlight colour, and works extremely well if applied to damp primer. The pigmentation and blend-ability are so there with one!
The Next Collection We shall visit is Rococo Roller Rink-which is an even more kick-arse name than the last! The Colours I received from this collection are: Pannier, Revolutionary Ball and Monarchy. Pannier is this awesome Grey/Bronze duo-chrome, with metallic effects. This one is great for foiling, it lends itself to some very elegant makeup looks! The pigmentation and colour payoff are fantastic although it doesn’t have excellent blend-ability like Do The Jabba Jabba has. Revolutionary Ball is this amazing Black/ deep Charcoal base with vibrant blue and purpley-pink shimmer. It is wonderful, if you do tend to be heavy handed when blending, this colour will be gone quick though, it tends to blend away into nothing very quickly! Monarchy is a sassy, medium green with gold and blue shimmer. It is amazingly pigmented, and blends very nicely; I am also in love with the colour payoff, a little bit, definitely goes a very long way with this colour!

Lastly, I received two cosmetic Glitters in Predator, and AC-130. These Glitters are very finely milled hexagonal glitters. Predator is this amazing silvery pink, that reminds me of pearl-ized sequins. AC-130 is a sublime golden glitter, It has bronze-y bits and sunny golden bits, it reminds me of a beautiful beach in summer! The Glitters were applied over my L.A Splash, Splashproof Sealer/Base, and were super beautiful, they have this lovely sheen to their shine;)
CONS: EWOK PAJAMA PARTY! I wanted to love this colour, In the bag it shows a dusty medium grey with purple and blue shimmer. But the pigmentation is too far away, This shadow in particular is very, very chalky-making it hard to work with, and near impossible to apply wet or on primer; likewise to apply dry on bare skin.

That is my only main con! I would rate this company a solid 8.5/10. The quality is good, the formulas are nice, pigmentation and colour payoff are great! I’m in Love with the collections and their respective names, and a super plus, plus is that all the shadows are Vegan! So virtually anyone can use them! I can’t wait to order more!
THE SHOP IS HERE! Victorian Disco Cosmetics
You Guys have 10% off for the holidays, enter coupon code: MERRYXMAS7

Dec 14, 2011

Pink & Black Smoky Eye (request by V@L)

The other day, V@L from lovelyBUTstrange requested I do a Pink & Black Smoky Eye look, and if you ask, you shall receive!

The colour's are:
primer: L.A Splash Splashproof Sealer/Base
base: Simply Red by Sleek cosmetics.
inner third: Pink Beret by Sleek cosmetics
middle and outer thirds: DolliPop from SugarPill cosmetics
socket definer: medium dusty fuschia from 88 palette by crown brush.
Socket shadow deepener: Poison Plum by SugarPill cosmetics
Super Socket definer: Black Box by Sleek cosmetics
Liner: Ink Pot in Dominatrix by Sleek cosmetics
Mascara: L'Oreal Voluminous Waterproof in Carbon Black

from left to right: Simply Red by Sleek, Pink Beret by Sleek, Dolli-pop by SugarPill (much more of a hot pink colour, did not photograph well), medium dusty fuchsia from 88 palette, Poison Plum by SugarPill (much more of a warm violet with pink and fuchsia micro glitter.
 from left to right: Black Box by Sleek, Barry White by Sleek, Ink Pot in Dominatrix by Sleek, L'Oreal Waterproof Voluminous Mascara in Carbon Black.

:) hope you enjoyed this look:)
stay cheeky

Dec 12, 2011

Icy Blue Smoky Eye with Double Winged Liner!

Hey Guys!
I've filmed a tutorial for a smoky blue eye look with double winged liner, that will make you stand out and be noticed at any holiday party this season, or next!

Quick walk through:
Prime Eyelid with L.A splash splashproof sealer/base.
apply a base coat of intense blue/green. I used Salt N' Peppermint by Sleek cosmetics.
Then apply Fade to grey from Sleek or a Metallic Silver shadow to inner third of eyelid.
Next apply an aquamarine/shimmer to middle and outer third of lid, I used the middle colour in Rimmel London Trio in Maritime. Using the darkest blue in the same trio, apply to socket.
Then take Barry White by Sleek or similar white shimmery highlight, and apply to tear duct, sweeping up to innermost quarter and lower lash line as well as a straight line coming up from bottom lash line diagonally. Over top of that I took the soft highlight colour from the Maritime Trio and patted that over Barry White.
Apply Blue Monday from Sleek or similar Dark Navy shimmer to last third of socket, and blend into inner socket.

I love the finished look! don't you?

Here are the colours I used from left to right:
Top: Salt N' Peppermint by Sleek, Middle Aquamarine Shimmer from Rimmel Maritime, Darkest Blue from Rimmel Maritime,Fade to Grey from Sleek, Blue Monday from Sleek
 Bottom: Barry White from Sleek, Highlight from Rimmel Maritime, MAYBELLINE LINE Stiletto in Blackest Black, L'Oreal Voluminous Waterproof Mascara in Carbon Black.

Dec 11, 2011

I Heart Matte Pallette from Wet'N'Wild

I reviewed the Wet'N'Wild I Heart Matte Pallette this month with a few fellow beauty obsessed gals!

First things first, right when you pick up this palette, you are awestruck by the bright, bold vivids and neutrals. These shadows are super soft and velvety, really sleek and smooth, and they apply like butter, they just seems to adhere to your lids in the best possible way!
They have really great wear lengths, when applied over NYX eyeshadow base, they wear about 9-10 hours! Alone they wear about 4-5 Hours, without creasing or too much fading and they have fair colour payoff, a little more than you'd expect from a cost effective brand like Wet'N'Wild. Actually everything about this pallette exceeds my expectations! the quality of the shadows, the vibrant colours included, the wear!

from left to right; White, Green, Blue Matte w/Sparkle, Purple Matte w/Sparkle, Nude, Peachy Peach, Chocolate/Coffee, Black.

My most worn eye look using this Palette is the Nude on the brow bone, the peachy peach on the lid, the chocolate colour in my socket blended out, then I add the purple to the outer corners of the socket. it's a really pretty wearable-to-work look.

Let's talk price! This is a WalGreen's exclusive Pallette, meaning you can only buy it in the States, (I got mine from eBay!) it normally retails at WalGreen's for $4.99 USD (in Canada it would probably cost $5.49) which is an awesome price for such a great pallette! I payed $13.63 CAD (including shipping) It was definitely worth it, I don't know what I'll do when I run out!

I would have to give this palette an 8.5 out of 10

Dec 8, 2011


I made a video way, way back in June talking about a giveaway I would be holding at 50 YouTube Subscribers, and the day has finally come! The Giveaway is for all of my subscribers as a thankyou for being so loyal and super sweet! It will be the winner's choice of $50.00 CAD to either MAC, Sephora, Bath&Body Works or LUSH! It's so super awesome, and it's my first ever Giveaway! I'm quite excited, and I hope you are too!


1. You must be a YouTube subscriber to lil ol' me:)

2. Contest is only open to Canada and The States (INCLUDING: Alaska and Hawaii)

3. You must post a comment on this video, stating which card you'd prefer and/or a random fact about yourself:D

4. You can enter twice! any more than that and you'll be disqualified, I want to keep it fair:)

5. I will be using to generate a number and then I will count back through the comments.

6. This Giveaway will end, December, 15th 2011 at 11:59 E.S.T


Dec 7, 2011

Lady Gaga Marry The Night Inspired Look

Hey Guys and Dolls!
Last Night I filmed a Gaga Inspired look tutorial, taking inspiration from the dance studio scene in the Marry the Night video. As soon as I saw that scene, I knew I had to emulate that look. I had a huge blast filming this and I hope you all love it as much as I do.

I Heart Matte Palette from Wet N Wild
Me, Myself & Eye Palette from Sleek
Kajal Eyeliner in Nocturnal from Sleek
Colour Rush Eyeshadow Trio in Maritime from Rimmel London
Lift and Define Mascara by Sally Hansen
Vampire White from Ben Nye Death Wheel
 Lasting Finish Blendable Powder Blush and Highlighter by Rimmel London
Flame Lip Pencil by Annabelle
Pout Paint in Pin Up by Sleek

Naked Lip Pencil by MAC (limited edition)
Creme De Nude Creme Sheen Lipstick by MAC

Dec 6, 2011

Forever and a day. My package from Lucy in Australia!!!

HOLA! long time, no...write?..RIGHT! I have just been so, so, so, super busy lately! Working retail around the Holidays is always crazy, extending every other shift, working midnights; the whole nine! Any-whoo, I'm in the midst of Uploading and editing a whole tonne of videos for everyone. But Today I received my second place prize package from Lucy, a.k.a MissPixieLuLu from YouTube! The package made it's way from Australia! I've filmed a quick little prize package video. Hope you enjoy!