Oct 29, 2011

Misa Nail Lacquer in 232 and 236 review

I don't have too much experience with the colour pink; Truthfully, I've shied away from that hue my entire 22 years. Being an Über-femme kinda girl: Curling and ironing and dieing my hair, and what with my makeup obsession, (I can fill the shoes of June Cleaver) the colour pink has always been thrust upon me and I've always thrusted it right back. Until recently I haven't owned anything pink! My first pink lipstick was purchased this past summer, and I liked it so much--it's changed my opinion on the formerly hideous hue.

I purchased two Misa Nail Lacquer's last night, They were on a Buy one get one half off deal, and I jumped at the opportunity (literally). I purchased shade 232-Wink, Blink, Let's get a Drink; a really elegant, hot pinky, fuschia-ish shimmer and shade 236-Like it Like That; a really wonderful deep, emerald-blue shimmer.

All it took was one coat of 232 and my nails look the colour of the photo! It turned out great, and I love that this lacquer is so opaque, you can practically do an entire hand with one dip of this stellar polish, and the best part is the beautiful blue, red and coral shimmer payoff. Misa is fairly inexpensive retailing at $7.95 CAD and I ended up paying $11.95 CAD for these two beautiful and full size polishes! super steal, I will definitely be buying more Misa Lacquer in the future.

Oct 24, 2011

Victorian Circus Performer Tutorial on YouTube

I've uploaded my contest entry look for Rag Doll Cosmetics Halloween Contest. I was inspired by the 2011 Scream awards show presenter/escort/stand behind celebrities and look gorgeous women. The show was themed circus/carnival sideshow this year, and I knew I had to do a look based on this!

I've been called a freak show many a time in my short life, and this time I really am! This look is super simple, and very very fun! I used a white flesh grease base from Ben Nye, Maybelline cream eyeliner in black, A black sparkly eyeshadow, A Mauve Blusher, and some face paints!

Oct 21, 2011

Wet-N-Wild Fast dry in Silvivor Review

This is by far my most favorite nail varnish available in drug stores!
It retails at only $2.99 (CAD) and is a "fast-dry" product--which above being fairly true to form, is mighty convenient. You can paint a whole hand with only one or two dips, also the texture is amazing, it's rich and velvety but not to thick in consistency.

It was love at first coat; but then I applied a second, and fell even more in love with this polish! It has superior coverage, it's fairly opaque and super awesome metallic-y/sparkle shine! It's like liquid chrome! it's wonderful!

I will be purchasing many more of these in the future:)


elf cosmetics is a quite-good-value-for-the-price company. I adore quite a few elf products, particularly their brushes, I have their mineral angled contour brush, it's really great; especially for a freebie that accompanied an order! Recently, However; I picked up an all over eyeshadow brush from them--and it's falling to bits--quite literally!

I'm rather upset with this. I'm aware that elf is a less expensive alternative to higher priced cosmetics companies, but when the quality of your brush is to fall apart (the bristles, the ferrule seperated from the handle completely) in one use!!! that is a tad upsetting. I thought the goal of this cosmetics company was to make the art of cosmetics available to everyone regardless of price point, I'm beginning to second guess that notion.

I guess in order to get quality, you have to pay for it, Crown Brush makes great quality brushes, they've held up very well!