Nov 1, 2011


So Unfortunately I worked this Halloween. I closed the Store at my Old Navy. We don't dress up, so I went in with false lashes and halloween accessories. I did However; wake up at 5 a.m to start on my sister's festive makeup:)
Tasha asked me to make her a Road-Rash Zombie, slightly cartoony and very bloody. I like to think I obliged well. She was super cute, one side was all raw looking and the other side of her face was a cartoony greenish grey zombie:)

Skye wanted me to do "whatever" to half of her face, so that one side was normal but when she turned her head, she wanted that WOW factor. I gave her a shelf-butting head gash, a bloody nose and an air-ated cheek complete with a latex tooth that was hand painted.

Courtney wanted Black Dahlia corpse. So I spent the evening researching crime scene and autopsy photos. We went with wax for the slit mouth, and grease paints for the coloring.

I had so much fun doing the makeup for these guys, I love inventing looks and making them my own. It gives me so much practical knowledge as well, I can apply techniques I've seen, read and heard about.
I hope you all had a fantastic Hallow's Eve!

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