Jun 25, 2012

whats going on.

I've decided, It's official I'm going to Complections International Academy of MakeUp Artistry in April. They are the best in Canada in my Opinion, and I can't wait to start!

I'll be taking a little bit of a break from YouTube. I'm moving, and I'm also having some copyright issues with my current setup, Hopefully once I move that can be remedied. Also I need to do Inventory on my life, and sort some things out.

so this is a t.t.f.n letter.
ta ta for now, Yours forever, Cassie
xxstay cheeky

Jun 14, 2012

PERL strips update

I told you guys, I'd review the PERL nail strips I got for free from doing a survey for the company before they launched their line of nail strips. I chose the "zebra tud"ones, they are metallic-sparkle silver and black with a zebra design.

They come in this little box that explains what they are, what's in them and that they are a No drying, no smudging, trendy and original way to manicure. They come with 20 strips, an instruction pamphlet and an emery board and orange stick.

The instructions seem simple enough, clean and prep nails: make sure they're clean and dry, shape them to what you desire, and gently buff the surface of the nail and rub hands together to aid in adhesion. Next, choose the strip that best fits your nail, peel off the clear backing from the silver side, apply and rub in smooth, circular motions (the top plastic piece will gently lift off from the friction of the application process). Once adhered, fold the remainder of the strip down over your finger tip, and file GENTLY in a downward motion until strip peels away with ease. Clean up all your loose edges, and you are finished! (the company claims they'll last up to two weeks!)

I followed the directions, and cleaned up my Nails, pushed back my cuticles, and rubbed my hands together to warm them up. I chose the strips I believed would fit my nails properly and applied them, folded over the extra and filed carefully downwards. I ended up with 5 covered nails, that all were from the first time I attempted these. I painted my other "naked" nails with silver, black and violet; and turned out with a neat looking manicure that lasted a few days.

I say a few days, because it literally was a few days. The strips began to lift with general wear and tear that a retail career comes with, I am also a nervous nail-scraping-against-teeth type of gal, and I have to say these PERL strips, were a disappointment to me. I'm skeptical now of other nail strips type things, and honestly don't know if it'll just end up being a rather large disappointment. These strips come in about 17 different patterns and retail for approximately $9.00 including an almost $6.00 shipping and handling fee.

In my honest and humble opinion, these strips just aren't worth the money as they lift way too easy, and a top coat was not recommended, when I tried to put my seche vite top coat over top of a strip, it began to corrode.

You can find These strips HERE

Jun 8, 2012

This week's Mani: silver zebra violet and black. &PERL NAIL STRIPS

This week's mani, is brought to you by myself and the folks at PERL. A few months ago, I filled out an online survey for them and they sent me a code for a free box of their nail strips (I did however, pay for shipping).

I chose the sparkly zebra ones, and they arrived within the week. The Instructions were simple enough, even for someone who's never used "nail strips"before. The first step consisted of nail polish remover, using a cuticle stick, filing the nails to the shape you want them, buffing the surface smooth and washing and drying your hands; simple enough right? The next said to rub your hands together to warm them to better manipulate the strips, line the strips up with your nail, apply the strips and rub in circular motion to adhere the strip. fold the rest of the strip; not on your nail down and file it off (do this carefully or you'll ruin your strip!).

Then you're done, and the pamphlet says they'll stay up to two weeks, so I covered 5 nails in total, and painted the others in silver,black and one in violet. I shall update you on the status of my strips.
Left Hand

Right Hand

Gluten intolerance, lactose intolerance and other food sensitivities.

Lately I'very been struggling with food, what was once a beloved bagel with cream cheese, or a double-double with milk; had turned into a stomach distending pathway to incredible pain. About 4 months ago I switched to coffeemate and lactose free milk, but it wasn't until my younger sisters "death-by-chocolate" birthday cake, that I came to the realization that this was way more than a minor lactose issue.
After eating a big 'ol slice I was the only one from the guests who got seriously ill, ill enough to miss work the next day. I decided to research my symptoms and cut out the two biggest culprits from my diet. Lactose and gluten.

These two food issues are diagnosed simultaneously more often than not. Trust me, eating gluten and lactose free is tricky and super expensive. I don't eat anything packaged or boxed unless it's marked specifically: lactose free, gluten free. I use the crock pot an awful lot, and must cook on my days off. Gluten is in everything! Lip balm, shampoo, toothpaste, broth, most sauces, including soy; almost everything!
But every negative has a positive. I'm becoming a much better baker and cook, instead of relying on broth cubes for flavor, I now season everything properly. Instead of always using milk and regular flour, I'm learning to adjust the amounts I use based on the chemical makeup of the ingredients.
I do, already feel tonnes better. Today I'm baking: dark chocolate dipped coconut macaroons, dark chocolate dipped gluten free pretzels, gluten free rice krispie squares and sweet potato muffins. Raw eating is actually quite liberating!

Rib Fest is tonight, wish me luck, I'll most likely need it.
xxstay cheeky

p.s; bel-soy gluten free, lactose free pudding is out of this world! I got the dark chocolate flavor, it's seriously delicious. Same calories as snack pack, but way more flavor! For $3.99 for 4 cups it's worth every penny, if you can find it cheaper, it's an unbelievable bargain!

Jun 1, 2012


I'M SUPER EXCITED! I've got a super-awesome giveaway to announce! In honour of me being 23 on June 15th I am holding a super-duper giveaway! All you have to do is...subscribe to my YouTube channel, comment below the video with something interesting (like animal facts, or something weird about you, maybe even where you are going to vacation this summer) I will allow 3 comments in total! The giveaway is open from June 1st until the 21st @ 11:59 p.m toronto time.

click the video to go over to YouTube to enter! GOOD LUCK EVERYONE!