Nov 2, 2011

Favorite Polish for November-Misa-Like it Like That

It's no secret that I have a penchant for bright and vivid colours, whether it be in clothing and accessories, makeup or hair; I love loud, punchy colour! It's no different when it comes to my nail varnish; My absolute favorite nail lacquer at the moment is "Like it Like That" shade 236 by Misa Nail Lacquer. I already wrote my review of it, I know, Okay? There's something charming and very sophisticated about this Opalescent Emerald Hue, I've just got to shout from the rooftops about!
First of all, under most indoor 60 watt bulbs it appears a very deep, dark emerald/blue, almost Oceanic! My Camera can't begin to capture it's beautiful shimmering colour, as it seems to take on a chameleon-like character under different lights; but each and every one is absolutely stunning!

It's a very hard polish making for a very clean manicure and a very long lasting one, I've done my nails about a week ago with this polish and just a few minor chips at the very tips of my nails (which I'm extremely hard on, btw). This polish just continues to amaze and surprise me with it's awesome-ness! and at $7.95 CAD it's a super steal!

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