Aug 31, 2012

The Dark Knight Rises; CatWoman

I've been to see The Dark Knight Rises in theatre's now twice. I've seen it twice, and I must say I loved it even more this time 'round. Anne Hathaway did a spectacular job playing Selina Kyle. I am a tried and true Cat Woman reader, lover, and know-it-all about the character, and Miss Hathaway did a phenomenal job with the character.

I loved: her costume, her attitude, her body language, and most importantly...her makeup! I hope I've done it justice in this tutorial. I present...The Dark Knight Rises; CatWoman.


clear fx prep, matte primer and anti acne treatment gel
cover girl nature luxe foundation in 305 alabaster
REVLON photo finish concealer
Victoria's Secret Bronzer in Tantastic
covergirl clean pressed powder for sensitive skin

rimmel taupe eyebrow pencil
brow powder in blonde

stila primer pot in taffy
Milani blackened gold eyeliner pencil
Meet Matte palette from the balm cosmetics in: Matt Batali, Matt Gallagher and Matt Smith
I heart Matte palette from Wet 'N Wild-black
Ardell demi wispies in 305 black.
Duo eyelash adhesive
Sally Hansen Natural Beauty mascara in black
Stila Smoky Lash Mascara in black

lip liner in 187 blackberry from Sleek cosmetics
Pout Paint in 157 Pin-Up from Sleek Cosmetics

I really hope I did it justice!
xxstay cheeky

Finally! some quality time with my blog!

So, work is really slow. We are way overstaffed, and way under sales goals, So I've been gifted yet another garbage week with 7 hours (I'm used to working almost 40!). On the bright side of this though, I finally get some catch up time with my blog here, and my YouTube channel. 5 glorious days of blogging and filming/editing/posting! Can you feel my excitement?
I've got some other stuff to work on too though, so T.T.F.N

Aug 30, 2012


I said that I would post every week, but today is Thursday and I haven't posted in almost 2. It was so ridiculously hectic here.
 My sisters were supposed to come Wednesday, so I cleaned the house and got all ready, to be informed they were not coming til early Thursday morning. Then in Typical style, they didn't arrive until almost 11 a.m, yet they were hellbent about catching a train we'd never make. I convinced them to have lunch, and then we left at around 12:30 we finally got to union station at about quarter to two, putting us arriving at FanEXPO at about ten after.
 The rest of my time at FanEXPO was pretty much more of the same, it was just as hectic and crazy! I bought neat contacts, some awesome prints from artist alley, a cool batman shirt, an amazing doctor who scarf; and saw some awesome people, like Levar Burton from Reading Rainbow (which I grew up on) and Star Trek; The Next Generation. I also went to the Q&A for Nelsan Ellis-Lafayette on True Blood, Tony Todd-of Candy Man Fame, Billy West-The voice of practically every cartoon character ever, John Barrowman from Doctor Who and Torchwood, As well as the face of Marvel, the one and only Stan Lee!

I have to run off now and get ready for work, but I wanted to write so you guys knew that I was alive!
xxstay cheeky

Aug 11, 2012

Gnome Buddy Knows, the trouble I've seen

Gnome Buddy Knows, My Sorrows...Okay enough! I just had to update this old blog of mine, into something more...fresh! I went over to and chose my new background, and I do believe it's a keeper! (for now at least) How does my wee gnomey fare with ya lad's 'nd lass's?

Aug 9, 2012

The big bad breakfast monster!

I've been working quite a lot of shipment shifts lately (which begin at 5:30 a.m) and that early in the morning, I know I don't function too well (can't speak for you guys, of course). Morning after Morning, I find myself eating things like poptarts, or bacon--now these are fine in moderation and at a normal time, but You're forgetting that I also snack on my break; and that snack usually isn't the healthiest. This way of eating, puts me at over 500 calories before 9:30 a.m. I've been noticing a few pounds lost since I moved, but it all comes back with these early morning breakfasts.

I've begun eating a banana in the car, and trying to down a 500 ml water bottle each morning, before my shift starts. The little potassium hit does wonders for me, it keeps me alert, awake, and most important for a shipment shift; quick on my feet. The water helps me quite a bit as well with my overall health, I have low blood-pressure already, so I sometimes suffer from mini episodes of kind of a tachycardia-esque situation. My heart beats, so incredibly rapidly, for no reason at all, I have a minor vision loss, and it's usually accompanied by nausea. They usually only last for about 5 minutes--but happens quite a bit more frequently when I get dehydrated.

I'm not saying you can't eat sinfully delicious little things like muffins, cookies and waffles for breakfast; just before 9:30 in the morning, being over 500 calories for me--is a bit ridiculous. I had to pull myself out of that comfort food thing we as humans do when we don't feel too good, don't get me wrong, I cheat occasionally. If there are fresh baked cookies or muffins, I'll grab one once in a blue moon. But not everyday.

xxstay cheeky

Aug 7, 2012

I'm back with a Vengeance!

Long Time...I moved last month, So I've been on a hiatus, but it's now almost a month later, and I realize that I have been slacking! I love writing this blog! I guess I get depressed, and then crawl into a cocoon of nothingness, to protect myself I guess, but it's not an excuse, and writing this blog just makes me feel so much better about everything I ever could've been sad about in the first place!

So, I moved from Oshawa (about an hour's drive east of Toronto) to Scarborough (about 20 minutes drive east of Toronto's downtown core) From living in a small 2 bedroom townhouse, with 6 people--to my boyfriend's large, spacious childhood home. We live in the basement, his cousin and her 4 year old daughter live upstairs from us. It was way too good an opportunity to pass up. It's $800/month all inclusive; there's central air, and central vac, everything has been recently renovated, there are 2 rather large bedroom spaces, a walk-in closet in the master, laundry, a rather large bath with a deep tub (for delicious baths), nice kitchen (the perfect size for two or maybe in 6 or 7 years...three!) and a freakin' huge living room! It's way too yummy! It's walking distance from schools and parks, grocery stores, a drug store, public transit, trains; and it's smack dab in the middle of residential bliss! Our backyard is awesome, it's not too big, but it has a rather large patio, a sectioned off grassy area for our niece, and a MONSTROUS sized veg garden! I am in Love with living here. The best part is, since I work for Gap Inc. I just transferred to a new store out here:)

I will start filming all sorts of tutorials, reviews, beauty warriors videos, and my fave...SPFX how-to's. So get ready, because I'm back!
stay cheekyxx