Sep 6, 2012

yet another week.

This week I've been gifted 9 whole hours at work, amounting to about $90.00 this week, my paychecks have been sucking, majorly-This experience has however, kicked my butt into applying for new jobs. I lack essential job search motivation, unless I need a job, I do anything I can to avoid job hunting--I love working, I loathe job hunting. Today I was extended an hour, so that's pretty rad. But working these early mornings, makes filming difficult, to work in to my schedule. I get home between quarter after 10 and noon, I'm also quite exhausted after getting a mere 4 hours of sleep! I come home and I'm so tired, I lack motivation to film, edit or do anything to do with my online persona other than post in my blog; thus, here we are. I'm browsing recipes for supper whilst stifling rather long yawns, and being addicted to Pinterest (follow me here).

I'm about to go add pumpkin spice to everything, you should too; it makes coffee, ice cream, cookies, breads, pasta sauces, and everything else taste more like Autumn.

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