Sep 7, 2012

Friday's Lipstick review

Friday morning, at home with my cat. I've done all my chores, and even had time to cozily sip hot cocoa even! I tried to film a makeup tutorial, but nothing was going right; my eyeliner got messed up (the actual felt tip itself), I left my lip liner in the other room, My eyeshadows got mixed up, I just wasn't as prepared as I thought I was. It's just one of those days. Maybe I'll film an OOTD or an in the kitchen segment today, then again, maybe not.

Today's Review: Rag Doll Cosmetics Lipstick in Raspberry Beret.

My favorite makeup products lately have been all about lips! I love the way that a Lipstick can transform you're look from just-woke-up to bedhead chic in a matter of minutes! I've received quite a few Lip Products lately, specifically Lipsticks in my TopBOX and Glossy Box over the past month, I love them all and I have this need to share them with you!

The first criterion for a Lipstick for me is pigmentation and this Rag Doll Cosmetics Lipstick doesn't disappoint! It is a beautiful, deep and creamy raspberry tone. It looks beautiful and makes you appear completely put together, and sophisticated even if you've just rolled out of bed and slapped some mascara, and lip colour on!
Under cool bathroom lighting

The formula for this Lipstick is a nice one, that being said this particular lipstick is matte, so it's very drying (like all matte lip products). But, it has a redeeming quality, when applied over a very slight layer of lip balm it becomes creamy and even more gorgeous! I always put a little bit of lip balm on under my lip colour, to keep my lips from being as dry as the sahara desert.
Under warm hall lighting
Rasberry Beret by Rag Doll is an awesome colour, I love how it brightens up my face with a youthful glow, whilst still keeping with that sophisticated Old Hollywood feel. Everything about this colour is enchanting and due to the unique raspberry colour (that is unlike any other raspberry Lipstick I've ever seen) It has a romantic berry hue mixed with a bright, beautiful green based pink and a deepness that's reminiscent of that classic pin up red colour. I adore this lipstick, and if you are interested by this beautiful shade, feel free to travel on over to and check out all their lovely shades!


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