Sep 4, 2012

egad! technical issues!

So for over a week, completely unbeknownst to me, My CatWoman look tutorial hadn't uploaded, I was just thinking that the video wasn't popular as it hadn't garnered many new comments. I came home from FanEXPO'12 and found out that it hadn't uploaded! making me look like a shmuck! I told you I was back with a vengeance, and instead you met another almost two week lull!  I'M SO SORRY! I didn't even realize, it seemed to go through okay, but youtube and my laptop seem to disagree on quite a few different issues these days.

But this week, I have some really rubbish hours at work, so expect videos with cool effects and very detailed blogposts, maybe even an "in the kitchen" video; I love cooking and baking, and food in general, coming from a latvian-canadian girl, I have so many autumny-y-holiday-y recipes that are outta this world scrumptious and I'm just itching to share them with you all, so look forward to that. I need to go check on my new, best great-ginger cat; Sunny.

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