Sep 14, 2012

Garnier nutrisse mousse

I very recently changed my hair colour from a strawberry blonde to a very light brown, and to make that journey I wanted to put the nutrisse.mousse to the test. I am very particular about the hair dyes I use, so this was unexplored territory completely!

The directions are very simple, and I followed them exactly. From mixing the colour to application to rinsing. I appreciate that the directions are so simple, so that everyone can understand them and have great colour.

The box says no mess, no stress, no fuss, and that is exactly how my experience was. The clean up was extremely minimal as well. I loved the formula, the mousse made it so much easier to get complete coverage, and since its mousse its %100 non-drip!

I used number 6, light brown and it turned out perfectly according to the colour chart on the side of the box. The colour is very even, yet multi-tonal and lush. I really like how simple garnier makes it to achieve a salon quality, even coverage hair colour at home and for an awesome price.

I would %100 recommend this product to you, I personally urge everyone to pick up this product the next time you decide to colour. Try it out for yourself, you don't have to take my word for it.

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