Feb 14, 2013

Happy Valentines Day! The pancake philosophy

Happy valentines day guys! I hope your day's so far have been wonderful! This February 14th, for breakfast I made maple bacon pancakes and strawberry butterscotch pancakes. I decided that after my man was off to work that I was going to make the rest of the pancakes and eat them too! (Instead of freezing them, as per usual)

I've been pretty good this month food wise, I've only eaten take away twice! So I threw caution to the wind, and set about doing these pancakes right! What's valentines day without a little gluttony? I created butterscotch chip pancakes and topped them with grilled strawberries, maple syrup and a generous serving of chocolate sundae syrup. They we're divine!

I used a simple recipe for pancakes, I made a few adjustments to make them healthier, i.e: lactose free 1% instead of whole buttermilk, gluten free flour instead of all purpose, etc. I cited Martha Stewart's simple pancake recipe for reference, added some delicious bacon, grilled up a bunch of strawberry slices, an topped with delicious golden syrup.

Xxstay cheeky

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