Jan 30, 2012

NOTW-Super Nature and mini Tuxedo's

Nail Art is something I have begun to adore! It is super fun and creative, and you can do almost anything with it! The NOTW is inspired by Zooey Deschanel's nails at the Golden Globes and PurseBuzz' tutorial for Tuxedo Nails. I took inspiration from them but went my own way with the design.

 I painted my four "finger's" with the Revlon TOP SPEED in Super Nature, and my thumb started with a coat of Wet 'N' Wild Fast Dry in Ebony Hates Chris, I then taped off a triangle on my nails, and painted a coat of Sally Hansen Hard as Nails, Xtreme wear Nail Color in White On. I waited for this to dry and then striped on Wet 'N' Wild Fast Dry in Silvivor to make a lapel, outlining the white. I waited again for this to dry and then took Ebony Hates Chris, Super Nature and LA Color Nail Art Deco in Red Glitter, a few dotting tools, and set to work on the buttons, the bow tie, and the lapel flower. I sealed everything in with LA Color Top Coat, and VOILA! a super cute Nail Art design:)

xxstay cheeky


  1. That is super cute!!!! Normally I wouldnt pick a bright green like that but I think I need it!

    1. I love this colour, it is such a beautiful olivey green, but brighter; more intense:) it was a steal too I got it from saleevent.ca in a 3 for $5 promotion!