Jan 11, 2012

Beauty Warriors 2:Favorite Drugstore Foundation

I've just Uploaded my second Beauty Warriors video it's on Favorite Drugstore Foundation's. In Case you don't know what Beauty Warriors is, It's a YouTube Collaboration consisting of...CookieFarrer, FibercrazedBeauty, twizziesplace, VividlyChaotic, LadyCocoSea1, AuttyW, BlushBrush87 and...myself of course! susiewantsasqueeze!
 We choose a product to review every month, sometimes it's eyeshadow palettes, and this month it's Favorite Drugstore Foundations!

I have used every drugstore liquid, cream, compact, and mineral foundation, some by Rimmel, Almay, Maybelline, L'Oreal, Cover Girl, Hard Candy, etc. My Skin is super dry and sensitive and prone to breakouts! I usually just forgo foundation all together and just use pressed powder because it just hurts my skin too much. But I have found the Holy Grail of products! it is...MAYBELLINE DREAM SMOOTH mousse! It is super hydrating, and unlike it's counterpart DREAM MATTE mousse it doesn't make my skin look drier than the sahara! It makes my skin look flawless, it's a tad darker than me, and I wear the lightest colour they make, I always have to switch back to MAYBELLINE in the winter; as they make the only foundations pale enough for my skin, that I've tried-and like. It applies like a dream with my stipple brush, and it makes my skin look flawless!

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