Jan 18, 2012

Cat-Eye Technique for Flawless liner every time! & OOTD Casual Day Off!

Since I wrote you last, I've uploaded my Cat Eye technique video for flawless mod cat-eye's every time!...and...my very first OOTD video, for a Casual Day off:)

My Cat-eye technique is such an easy and quick way to retro line your gorgeous eyes so they are correctly angled each and every time! In the video I used Sleek cosmetic's ink pot in Dominatrix which is a gel liner, but you can use a liquid liner, or even a pencil (pencil won't get you the perfect point on the outer edge, it will however; give you a slightly softer, smokier, sexy/smudgey effect)

My OOTD video for a Casual/Classy Day off is a collision of Old Navy pieces, forever 21 jewellery, and nail art done my way by me:)
 I hope you're all enjoying this lovely week and keeping toasty warm:)

xxkeep lovely

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