Jan 6, 2012


It's been FOREVER; it seems, since I've written a proper blog post!

My Apologies lovely readers, let me update you on all my comings and goings. I work retail and so during most of December and even the first little bit of January I was extremely busy! Whenever I wasn't working--I was sleeping(and I didn't get much either)! My month was very chaotic to say the least! But alas, It's January (we're into our second week now!), and I digress, the hours are much fewer at work, and I'm privileged to earn back some of my hibernated social life!

I plan to film a whole tonne of tutorials this week/next so that next time I get so pressed for time, I have some video's stored up my sleeve:D! I was gifted a SONY Handycam this Christmas, and what a camera it is! The detail, focus, and light capture are astounding, now when I film a tutorial you can see my technique and the brush strokes!

NOT ONLY will I be filming way more tutorials, I want to begin a series--INSPIRED BY BOWIE; THE RISE AND FALL OF ZIGGY STARDUST! what do you think? the looks will focus on more performance and editorial styles and they will be way less wearable, But I love this idea!

Track listing

All songs written and composed by David Bowie, except where noted.
Side one
No. Title Length
1. "Five Years"   4:44
2. "Soul Love"   3:33
3. "Moonage Daydream"   4:35
4. "Starman"   4:13
5. "It Ain't Easy" (Ron Davies) 3:00
Side two
No. Title Length
6. "Lady Stardust"   3:20
7. "Star"   2:50
8. "Hang on to Yourself"   2:40
9. "Ziggy Stardust"   3:13
10. "Suffragette City"   3:25
11. "Rock 'n' Roll Suicide"   3:00

keep cheeky

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