Aug 30, 2012


I said that I would post every week, but today is Thursday and I haven't posted in almost 2. It was so ridiculously hectic here.
 My sisters were supposed to come Wednesday, so I cleaned the house and got all ready, to be informed they were not coming til early Thursday morning. Then in Typical style, they didn't arrive until almost 11 a.m, yet they were hellbent about catching a train we'd never make. I convinced them to have lunch, and then we left at around 12:30 we finally got to union station at about quarter to two, putting us arriving at FanEXPO at about ten after.
 The rest of my time at FanEXPO was pretty much more of the same, it was just as hectic and crazy! I bought neat contacts, some awesome prints from artist alley, a cool batman shirt, an amazing doctor who scarf; and saw some awesome people, like Levar Burton from Reading Rainbow (which I grew up on) and Star Trek; The Next Generation. I also went to the Q&A for Nelsan Ellis-Lafayette on True Blood, Tony Todd-of Candy Man Fame, Billy West-The voice of practically every cartoon character ever, John Barrowman from Doctor Who and Torchwood, As well as the face of Marvel, the one and only Stan Lee!

I have to run off now and get ready for work, but I wanted to write so you guys knew that I was alive!
xxstay cheeky

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