Aug 7, 2012

I'm back with a Vengeance!

Long Time...I moved last month, So I've been on a hiatus, but it's now almost a month later, and I realize that I have been slacking! I love writing this blog! I guess I get depressed, and then crawl into a cocoon of nothingness, to protect myself I guess, but it's not an excuse, and writing this blog just makes me feel so much better about everything I ever could've been sad about in the first place!

So, I moved from Oshawa (about an hour's drive east of Toronto) to Scarborough (about 20 minutes drive east of Toronto's downtown core) From living in a small 2 bedroom townhouse, with 6 people--to my boyfriend's large, spacious childhood home. We live in the basement, his cousin and her 4 year old daughter live upstairs from us. It was way too good an opportunity to pass up. It's $800/month all inclusive; there's central air, and central vac, everything has been recently renovated, there are 2 rather large bedroom spaces, a walk-in closet in the master, laundry, a rather large bath with a deep tub (for delicious baths), nice kitchen (the perfect size for two or maybe in 6 or 7 years...three!) and a freakin' huge living room! It's way too yummy! It's walking distance from schools and parks, grocery stores, a drug store, public transit, trains; and it's smack dab in the middle of residential bliss! Our backyard is awesome, it's not too big, but it has a rather large patio, a sectioned off grassy area for our niece, and a MONSTROUS sized veg garden! I am in Love with living here. The best part is, since I work for Gap Inc. I just transferred to a new store out here:)

I will start filming all sorts of tutorials, reviews, beauty warriors videos, and my fave...SPFX how-to's. So get ready, because I'm back!
stay cheekyxx

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  1. Yay! welcome back!! I'm glad that everything is better for you now! :)