Apr 20, 2012

NOTD; galaxy inspired- torial of sorts

Todays nail is inspired by the breathtaking Vista that is space. It's many wonderful stars and amazing colours have been showing up on the fingers of everyone lately. I'm here to tell you its so simple and may even take less time than your usual mani!

Start with a base of black polish, then make sure its fully dry. You' re going to want to make sure you have a cosmetic sponge and a spray bottle of water handy; as well as a tissue for blotting.
Take a pearly or white base (I used an opal shade first, then my second layer was white) spritz both the corner of the sponge you're using and the tissue, liberally with water. Then paint on (fairly thick) your first colour. Gently blot your application sponge on the tissue before it touches your nails, then create galaxies, leave enough black uncovered- we need stars!

Then just layer your colours, no need to wait for drying in between coats, because were using a damp sponge we are using a very minimal amount of product. Keep creating layers. I used: opal, white, yellow, shimmery green, pink and then I used white with my finest dotting tool (you could use a toothpick) to create tiny stars. Then seal it all up really well with one or two layers of top coat. And Voila! A beautiful, conversation starting galaxy field on your fingers. Have the best weekend everyone!

xxstay cheeky

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