Apr 12, 2012

April topbox! 2012

I recieved my April topbox yesterday! The 11th of april (the perfect time to get a monthly beauty box)
and in honor of Earth Month the patented tube of wonder is covered with non other than a beauty tools print on a craft paper covering, the text reads "Made of 100% recycled materials."

When you Open up the tube, the same purple tissue and crepe are inside, along with the nice cards to explain what's inside, as well as why topbox loves Earth Day! This month my box came with 5 samples.  Principessa Dry Shampoo-for Darker Shades, a Bella Pella Body Lotion in the scent Tropical Flowers, A sample of Benefit's The POREfessional, A MISA Nail Lacquer in the shade Polka-Dot Bikini, and finally a mini sample of Cargo's blu_ray powder.

Principessa Notte Breeze Dry Shampoo is a "silky, multi-use powder that is a 'refreshing treat', naturally talc free and designed to keep you 'shower fresh' all day, as well as smelling that way too with the insolina fragrance." "Sprinkle into your hair to absorb excess oils, product and create gorgeous body and volume! it magically blends roots and can extend blowouts too! Infused with a soft scent to leave you smelling as fresh as you look."
:IMHO: it smells really fresh, it has a super silky consistency, as well as volume boosting and texturizing properties--which I love! Also it is a delicious caramel color, I can't wait to test this one! My size is 30g and the full size-125g retails for $24.00CAD.

Next, The Bella Pella Body Lotion in the scent Tropical Flowers.They suggest you "enjoy the exotic scent of the South Pacific flowers with this lightweight, non greasy lotion. Enriched with avocado oil, jojoba oil and shea butter".
:IMHO: it smells awesome, and moisturizes my skin, but my skin is extremely dry so I need to reapply every hour or so. I like that the first ingredient is water, and as far as scented moisturizers go, this one's great! My sample is 30ml, the full size-175ml retails for $15.95CAD.

Benefit-The POREfessional, claims to minimize the appearance of fine lines and pores to create picture perfect smooth skin. Benefit directs you to apply this on to moisturized skin, focus on problem areas and pat then blend. It works like wall paste or spackle, in that it's texture is thin but when applied fills in pores and lines with such ease, it's also likened to butter.
:IMHO: I love how smoothy-smooth-smoothy it feels, and looks! I also love how it smells, nothing with a touch of honey! The full review will be coming your way soon guys! My size is 7.5ml The full size-22ml retails for $34.00CAD

Misa Nail Lacquer in Polka-Dot Bikini is a goregous pale peachy-pink pearl varnish. They Claim to have nano silver particles in their mix that reduces fading and chipping "for optimal shine"
:IMHO: I love the formula, it's thick enough; without being clumpy. I love the high shine of the pearl, It applies fairly even and is quick drying. Look forward to it being featured in a near future NOTD post! Mine is the full size-15ml retailing for $8.99CAD, also it came with a 20%off coupon for my next purchase of Misa varnish.

Lastly, a micro-mini sample of CARGO blu_ray pressed powder, I say micro-mini because it's literally on a 2"x2"square card! It was created especially for HD film use, the "High Tech" ingredients claim to hide lines, and reduce redness.
:IMHO: I don't feel like it reduced my redness anymore than my foundation and concealer do, I feel like it camouflaged my pores mainly because it filled them with powder, I like the lightweight of it--however, \I do feel like it congests pores, and can lead to some pretty nasty breakouts! I have no idea what this retails for or what other sizes it comes in as this is a sponsored product, and not obtained for the purpose of topbox, but to advertise for CARGO.

xxstay cheeky

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