Apr 5, 2012

Glossy Box for March 2012

I finally got my Glossy Box for March on the last possible day it could arrive within the month, Friday March 30th. I was pretty upset that it came so late, but I have to say; I love it! It came with some really nice samples, and a few full size things. It costs about $15.00 CAD per month, which is kind of pricey considering TopBox also comes with the same number of samples and is only $10.00 CAD. The Box is so nice, It's a beautiful powder pink, with the GlossyBox emblem in black. The inside of the Box, is black with GlossyBox emblem's in powder pink, very sophisticated-feels like I'm getting a birthday or anniversary gift.

It comes wrapped in a powder pink grosgrain ribbon with a cute GlossyBox seal sticker. When you untie the ribbon and open the tissue you're greeted with a beautiful flat back paper envelope that is packed with all the info on the products inside and their (Glossy's) greetings card. My Box came packaged like this, how freakin' adorable right?
There is...a Pandora's box blush, a Bailey cosmetics lipgloss, a Sebastien Professional hairspray, an evian brumisateur, and an Aveeno hand and body cream.

PANDORA'S Blush in St. Tropez is a mauvey matte mid pink, that serves a multiseasonal purpose. PANDORA is a company whom designed their products with the makeup artist in mind, coming out with highly pigmented, long lasting colours, that are very easy to de-pot/add to a magnetic palette.  Mine is full size, and it retails for $18.00 CAD. I have to say I've had this blusher not even a week, and I use it everyday! It's so pigmented and long lasting, and it's a beautiful springy hue. I recommend this company to blush enthusiasts or anyone who loves quality cosmetics.

Bailey cosmetics Fresh Lip Gloss in Berry, is a neat raspberry/blackberry mix hue, with a neat multi dimensional shimmer. It is a lovely colour, but I just don't like many lipglosses. I have long hair, that I wear down quite a bit and my hair always seems to get blown across my lips, causing my hair to get all gooped and sticky, and my face gets streaked with gloss! I find very annoying and frustrating, that said This particular gloss seems to have no scent or taste, which in this case, it being so dark; I would want it to smell/taste. The company claims ït is the perfect colour accent for women who want a sheer bump of colour to enhance their pout. Mine is the full size, 8g it retails for $28.00 CAD. This product comes from Canadian Fashion Designer Brian Bailey's line of cosmetics, that promise a "polished look in under 5 minutes" I love Mr. Bailey's designs, just not his lip gloss, he shouldn't worry, I'm hard to please on the lip gloss front!

Sebastien Professional RE-SHAPER brushable strong hold hairspray is probably one of my favorite products in this month's GlossyBox. It has amazing strength, while still keeping your hair soft and not feeling like there is a tonne of product in it, When I pomp, set, or v-roll my hair, I need lots of hairspray to tame the flyaways, and this does the job purrrrrrrrrrrfectly! It has amazing hold and humidity protection which is something awesome for my extremely fine but super thick, over-processed, prone to frizz-ies and flyaways, colour treated hair! Sebastien Professional is a Salon Exclusive brand, Mine is a trial size, 43g that retails for $19.95 CAD! This hairspray is an extremely luxurious purchase, that is worth every single penny!

The evian Brumisateur facial spray moisturizes by hydrating the outer layers of skin, it tones and refreshes dull skin, and even helps to fix makeup! I love this product, and I didn't think that I would-My initial reaction to it was I felt it was "hokey" and "cheap". After one use, I was hooked, it feels so refreshing and cool on your face, I love the brighter complexion it gives me! I despise the taste of evian water, it tastes strange and far too metallic for me (a girl who likes her spring water) but the Brumisateur is an awesome product! Mine is the smallest you can buy, 50g for $7.00 CAD but oh-so-worth it, I'd even pay more for this product--I love it so much!

Aveeno \Daily moisturizing Lotion is another product received in the March GlossyBox. It contains rich emolients and natural colloidal oatmeal, it is non-comedogenic (although if your skin is extremely sensitive like mine, do not use this on your face), it absorbs quickly, and contains no added fragrance. It claims to aid in chapping and scaling that usually comes from dry skin and cold weather, It moisturizes for 24hours, and leaves hands looking healthier. It holds up it's end of the bargain; It does really hydrate skin, and super moisturize, I love Aveeno hand creams, though they are quite costly as hand creams go, they are oh-so-worth it! I really like this one. it is 71 ml, where as 354 ml which I believe to be the full size, retails for $11.99 CAD.

Lastly they threw in a sample pouch of ALGEMARIN Foam Bath. It is meant to give your skin a rejuvenated glow previously only available from "sea bathing" or hydrotherapy. My sample pouch contains 15ml, and 30ml retails for $3.99 CAD 500ml for $17.99 CAD and 750ml for $23.95 CAD.

That was my GlossyBox for March 2012. I hope this post was intriguing for you all:)
xxstay cheeky


  1. This looks great its too bad it arrived late I hate it when that happens can't wait for Glossybox US to launch :)


    1. OH! I was so upset, but when I saw the package my heart kinda melted:)