Apr 23, 2012



these are all things that can happen when an amazing giveaway like mine is announced. But you can be disqualified for not doing both mandatory entries and not even considered for being in the running to win if you don't.

The first is following my blog via Google Friend Connect (it's at the right hand side near the middle of my page) and the second mandatory thing, is follow me on Twitter @cassiethezombie. I've noticed quite a few people have entered and just followed my Twitter or just my Blog, and I'd hate for all of them to be disqualified over excitement and misunderstanding the rules.

Once you do the required entries, your chances of winning become even greater. The Optional entries show up, giving you more entries into the giveaway pool! There are still 10 days left in which to enter, so... GOOD LUCK TO EVERYONE & LET THE GAMES BEGIN!

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