Mar 23, 2012

Where Have I BEEN? "I'll tell you" and Beauty Warriors

I have been…under a rock; or perhaps hiding in a dark place; or even doing a peace mission in a third world country—ANYWAY, this post feels like a long time no write post. So without further ado; The Post.

Beauty Warriors is a group of Beauty enthusiasts from YouTube whom separately have their own channels, but simultaneously; once a month they are fearless makeup warriors! They review, tutor, and talk about, some of their most favorite, loathed, and best; beauty products and looks. I am honoured and feel so privileged to be one of these women. The other warriors, are beautiful, funny, insightful, intellectual, and so down to earth! They are all wonderful women.

First off our lovely Beauty Warriors Channel-where youll find all the Warriors videos, and our special Beauty Warriors Blog-where you'll find our calendar of what we're reviewing/doing and when we're doing it!

Firstly, the reason I joined the BW, Miss Cookie Farrer!  Cookiefarrer is her user name on YouTube. She made a Bob Ross makeup video that I adored; I had so much fun with that video—I must’ve watched it at least a dozen times! She is so down to earth, nice and genuine, and extremely creative. Her tutorial series focussing on breaking the conventional beauty rules, is a must watch for any up and comers on YT or for anyone in general. She is the first YouTube-r I admire, and also have the pleasure of knowing.

FibercrazedBeauty on YT is another reason that I feel blessed to be considered one of this group! She is so cool, and so poignant and on the pulse of everything that’s going on, it almost seems like she’s clairvoyant! I have been subscribed to her on a few of my past username’s and have watched her for years! She is totally Rad, and I love how much fun she is.

AuttyW on YouTube and on Twitter is another member of the Beauty Warriors whom I adore. She is hilarious, and so sweet—it comes across in her awesome videos, She also, coincidentally writes the BeautyWarriors blog!

TwizziesPlace on YT or twizziebs on twitter is a pretty rad chick, we’re both huge into slasher flicks, and gore culture, she’s also pretty talented with a cosmetics brush!  I’ve also watched her videos for quite some time now.

LadyCocoSea1 on YT is such a darling! She is so sweet, gentle and very kind, She did a Video a Day series every day for 410 days! how incredible is that! And, that's not all, throughout her 410 V.A.D video's she held my attention they didn't get boring or old or anything, they were all fun to watch!

Sabine a.k.a Bieneke on twitter or BlushBrush87 on YT is another warrior. She lives in the Netherlands, which is in itself pretty darn cool; IMHO. Her videos are also pretty darn creative, and her accent is awesome! I’m glad to know her.

TriciaFitz88 is our newest warrior, and a pretty cool chick! She has great taste in makeup, her tutorials are adorable! It’s all because of her super cute southern-y accent. Her colour sensibility is outta-this-world and she is just a bundle of fun.

I am so glad to know all of these remarkable women, I hope you check them out; they are so worth itJ

Xxstay cheeky


  1. <3 Love this hun! Tho my username is Triciafitz888 (on youtube)

    Also...Do I really have a southern accent? xD I'm from california is why I ask. xD

    1. I think it's southerny, it's so cute:) You could do books on tape with that accent of yous:)

  2. <3 I loved this post! You are so sweet!
    I wish you could favorite blog posts! <3