Mar 28, 2012

March Favorites, and a product I LOATHE!

I can't believe it's the end of \march already, time has just flown by! My favorites for this month consist of Nail varnish, lip products, palettes, and a time piece! So read along with my detailed analysis of all!

My first Favorite for this month is the mark. trend mini nail lacquer's that I recieved in my March TopBox! They are full size, and I'm so thankful because I absolutely love them, they are tickled pink, a beautiful vibrant lilac and violet daze a shimmery, deep blue-violet colour. They are perfect colours for Spring time, tickled pink is an insanely vibrant and beautiful "thrilling lilac", while violet daze is a very sophisticated deep, deep violet shimmer perfect for a night on the town!

My next favorite is my Nicole by O.P.I Nail varnish in Rainbow in the S-Kylie. Thats right! It's from the Kardashian collection and I don't wanna hear about it; nor do I regret the purchase! It's a beautiful blend of different cuts and sizes of Pastelly Rainbow glitter, It has quite a dazzling effect! I love it over Zoya-JO and Sally Hansen-White Out. It's just so pretty, it brings out the little girl in me, and I couldn't be happier:)

Next Up is my Viva Glam Nicki lipstick from Nicki Minaj and MAC Viva Glam! It is a beautiful bold yellow pink, that simply demands attention from everyone who looks your way. I love wearing it, Yes it's intense, but it's also, ultra wearable. Just go neutral with your eye and cheek makeup, and a bold lip does not look out of place in the slightest! I love the Viva Glam line because although the colours are limited edition, they are available for a full year before they're gone, giving you some time to stock up! If you have a chance to get your paws on this one, grab it; before it's gone!

Next is my LORAC Multi Platinum Eye/Cheek Palette! It has some of the best quality, super soft, blendable, velvety shadows and blush I have ever had the pleasure of working with. There is a soft, shimmery cream, a warm copper bronze shimmer, a very soft russian blue-greyed with a hint of mauve shimmer shadow, a very sweet cerulean shimmer, a slate, charcoal shimmer, and a matte black with silver micro glitter. The blush is a wonderful apricot, golden petal:perfect for summer and sun. It is in this amazing palette, the interior covered in an iridescent silver sparkly fabric; this palette is magnetized, and the outside is covered in a wonderful plasticy metallic blackened silver faux snake skin, with a metal LORAC logo. I bought this for only $15.00, when it usually retails for $38.00! what a steal, but even if it's not on sale definitely pick it up, you'll love the luxe quality of this palette.

The Other Palette in my favorites this month is the Midnight Cowboy Palette from Urban Decay! Many of you know that I have been lusting after this palette since it debuted forever ago! I finally got my hands on it, courtesy of my darling Aunt who so sweetly ordered it to hers, and then sent it to me. The palette, isn't as large as the LORAC one, but it's perfect for on the go! It features four shadows: Midnight Cowboy-a pinky sand color  with lots of micro glitter, Midnight \cowboy Rides Again-a very golden mocha color with lots of gold micro glitter, Midnight Cowgirl-a golden sand with golden micro glitter and Romp-a super luxe deep purple shimmer, that is so multifaceted it will blow your mind! It also comes with a 24/7 glide on eye pencil in Whiskey-a deep warm brown and a full size Lip Junkie gloss in Midnight Cowboy, a nude shimmer-that both smells and tastes divine!

SURPRISE! I CAN'T BELIEVE I'VE NEVER INCLUDED THIS BEFORE My FOSSIL Watch, is something I love so deeply, I never thought I'd have such an immense love for an inanimate object other than my teddy bear, but alas, Teddy-you've been replaced! This watch is so elegant in it's design with the CZ's framing the watch face, and the few stones set on the face in place of 12, 3, 6 and 9 markers. The band is a beautiful, soft, luxurious leather that I love, it feels so nice on my wrist, and I have grown to depend on it. It has gotten to the point that if \I forget my watch my day is shot, I feel naked, and I'm late for everything! This watch was given to me by my boyfriend of 6'n-a-bit years for our latest anniversary, and it is amazing! I couldn't live without my watch!

NOW FOR WHAT YOU'VE BEEN WAITING FOR! THE LOATHE: Maybelline Super Stay 24 Hour Lip Wear. I absolutely dislike this product; I purchased it because I had received a $1.00 off coupon for Maybelline Super Stay products. I tested out their 14 hour wear lipstick, and liked that, nice formulation, good colour, etc. You couldn't test the 24 Hour Lip Wear's out due to hygenic reasons and packaging, but I figured that I'd go with the 24 Hour one as opposed to the lipstick, because I wanted to try something I don't necessarily gravitate to/own any of and, I love a similar product from Cover Girl so I thought I'd give this product a whirl and test it out. It is horrible; the packaging looks okay, but since there are 2 parts to this product, the colour and the balm, they are located at either end. My issue with the packaging is the locking mechanism for the balm, it's "click" is barely audible, and it pops open in my purse every chance it got! ( I say "got"not "gets"because I jumped at the first chance to return this product).
 Now the actual product itself; The colours are all insanely gorgeous, I bought So Pearly Pink, a very pale, pearlescent pink shade-that in-a-perfect-world would be perfect for spring! The colour part of the formulation dries out your lips so much that the moisturizing balm doesn't even help, it also has a tendancy to glob up in the fine lines of your lips, not to mention that it didn't even pass the 2 hour mark on my lips! Yes the colour stays put, but it dried out my lips so badly that I was constantly wetting them in a desperate attempt to rehydrate, it failed miserably b.t.w This product may work well for some of you, and if it has I'd love to hear about it, but for us dry lipped gals (My Mum also tried this product), this one is a giant dud!

hope you enjoyed
xxstay cheeky

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