Feb 16, 2012


The NOTD is brought to us this month by Julep. Julep is a nail varnish company in the States, for those of you who haven't heard. Julep runs a monthly beauty box called Julep Maven Box. In the Maven Box you receive over $40.00 USD worth of product, the newest and best that Julep has to offer, in a cute package, to your door, once a month! and it costs $19.99 in subscription fees each month.

I was able to get my Maven Box for only 1 measly penny. (I'll post the coupon code below!)  I was skeptical about trying out Julep because of half hearted reviews from other polish enthusiasts, but for a penny; I caved! I received the "American Beauty" Box for the month of February and it contained: a dark chocolate bar (it was so extremely tasty!), Glenn: a Bold, Berry Red Shimmer, Oscar: a beautiful, beige/sandy gold glitter polish and the essential cuticle oil.

All these products retail at...the lacquers: Glenn and Oscar are $14.99 USD, the Essential Cuticle Oil is normally $18.00 USD and...they don't sell the chocolate bars; to my dismay, but alas--I digress.

The NOTD is Glenn: a bold, berry red shimmer polish. I love this colour, because it's more berry toned, fair skinned gals like myself can pull it off; also, it's sophisticated enough for day-to-day but not too grown up of a colour. It is exactly what I've been wanting!

After the first coat the coverage was awesome, but I figured I would do two coats like the company says, and they were right, it's even more stunning as a bolder, brighter shimmer red.
I am loving this colour and this company so far--They've won me with chocolates! What do you think?


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