Dec 14, 2011

Pink & Black Smoky Eye (request by V@L)

The other day, V@L from lovelyBUTstrange requested I do a Pink & Black Smoky Eye look, and if you ask, you shall receive!

The colour's are:
primer: L.A Splash Splashproof Sealer/Base
base: Simply Red by Sleek cosmetics.
inner third: Pink Beret by Sleek cosmetics
middle and outer thirds: DolliPop from SugarPill cosmetics
socket definer: medium dusty fuschia from 88 palette by crown brush.
Socket shadow deepener: Poison Plum by SugarPill cosmetics
Super Socket definer: Black Box by Sleek cosmetics
Liner: Ink Pot in Dominatrix by Sleek cosmetics
Mascara: L'Oreal Voluminous Waterproof in Carbon Black

from left to right: Simply Red by Sleek, Pink Beret by Sleek, Dolli-pop by SugarPill (much more of a hot pink colour, did not photograph well), medium dusty fuchsia from 88 palette, Poison Plum by SugarPill (much more of a warm violet with pink and fuchsia micro glitter.
 from left to right: Black Box by Sleek, Barry White by Sleek, Ink Pot in Dominatrix by Sleek, L'Oreal Waterproof Voluminous Mascara in Carbon Black.

:) hope you enjoyed this look:)
stay cheeky

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