Dec 11, 2011

I Heart Matte Pallette from Wet'N'Wild

I reviewed the Wet'N'Wild I Heart Matte Pallette this month with a few fellow beauty obsessed gals!

First things first, right when you pick up this palette, you are awestruck by the bright, bold vivids and neutrals. These shadows are super soft and velvety, really sleek and smooth, and they apply like butter, they just seems to adhere to your lids in the best possible way!
They have really great wear lengths, when applied over NYX eyeshadow base, they wear about 9-10 hours! Alone they wear about 4-5 Hours, without creasing or too much fading and they have fair colour payoff, a little more than you'd expect from a cost effective brand like Wet'N'Wild. Actually everything about this pallette exceeds my expectations! the quality of the shadows, the vibrant colours included, the wear!

from left to right; White, Green, Blue Matte w/Sparkle, Purple Matte w/Sparkle, Nude, Peachy Peach, Chocolate/Coffee, Black.

My most worn eye look using this Palette is the Nude on the brow bone, the peachy peach on the lid, the chocolate colour in my socket blended out, then I add the purple to the outer corners of the socket. it's a really pretty wearable-to-work look.

Let's talk price! This is a WalGreen's exclusive Pallette, meaning you can only buy it in the States, (I got mine from eBay!) it normally retails at WalGreen's for $4.99 USD (in Canada it would probably cost $5.49) which is an awesome price for such a great pallette! I payed $13.63 CAD (including shipping) It was definitely worth it, I don't know what I'll do when I run out!

I would have to give this palette an 8.5 out of 10

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