Mar 4, 2013

Maybelline masterduo by eye studio in Navy Gleam

I'm no stranger to liquid eyeliners, especially in blue, I love blue eyeliners! They are so funky and take an everyday look to super artsy and chic, so I was super excited about the new masterduo by Maybelline.

I purchased the product in Navy Gleam; it's a very true Navy, but it has a very unique glossy finish to it, which I find very chic. The colour Navy is always fashionable, it is not THEE pantone colour of the season, but it's classic and elegant, and always accepted as "in-style". if this review was based on colour this product would be getting an A++, Unfortunately it is not.

The neat thing about this product is that It. Has both a fine and chisel tipped brush. The instructions on the back of the package, say that for a thick, dramatic line to use the flat disk side, and for a thinner, sophisticated line to turn the cap 90 degrees. My main issue with this is that every person grips the cap handle a little bit differently, I like the hold the cap so that the taper lies right between my thumb and index and middle fingers, when they tell you to turn the cap 90 degrees, the physical brush never swivels, you need to change the way you hold the cap. So it becomes very awkward to hold the brush, once you manage to change your grip, you need to be extremely light handed because, the fine tip is not very fine at all.

Once you play around with it enough, and you figure it out, you have a neat navy, glossy, thickish liner on, you look so chic! Not for long; the product begins to dry and like cheaper quality liquid liner starts to harden and pull and crack with the opening and closing of your eye. Which just makes the beautiful face of makeup you've applied look cheap and silly.

The nightmarish quality of this product outweighs the Amazing colour and finish of the formula. This formula is so strange, I can speculate that because of the glossy finish, the integrity of the dried product becomes weaker, it cracks, shrinks, and peels off in sheets! Do not even think about attempting to layer this product, it makes your eye skin feel very tight and uncomfortable, and due to the formula, it definitely does not layer well.

I give this product, Maybelline masterduo by eye studio in Navy Gleam a failing grade, as the colour cannot pass an ever failing formula. For the reasons I have described, I give this product a C-, I say just save your money, for a better product. Have any of you tried this product? What do you think of it, I'd love to hear your opinions!

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