Jun 8, 2012

This week's Mani: silver zebra violet and black. &PERL NAIL STRIPS

This week's mani, is brought to you by myself and the folks at PERL. A few months ago, I filled out an online survey for them and they sent me a code for a free box of their nail strips (I did however, pay for shipping).

I chose the sparkly zebra ones, and they arrived within the week. The Instructions were simple enough, even for someone who's never used "nail strips"before. The first step consisted of nail polish remover, using a cuticle stick, filing the nails to the shape you want them, buffing the surface smooth and washing and drying your hands; simple enough right? The next said to rub your hands together to warm them to better manipulate the strips, line the strips up with your nail, apply the strips and rub in circular motion to adhere the strip. fold the rest of the strip; not on your nail down and file it off (do this carefully or you'll ruin your strip!).

Then you're done, and the pamphlet says they'll stay up to two weeks, so I covered 5 nails in total, and painted the others in silver,black and one in violet. I shall update you on the status of my strips.
Left Hand

Right Hand

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