Oct 21, 2011


elf cosmetics is a quite-good-value-for-the-price company. I adore quite a few elf products, particularly their brushes, I have their mineral angled contour brush, it's really great; especially for a freebie that accompanied an order! Recently, However; I picked up an all over eyeshadow brush from them--and it's falling to bits--quite literally!

I'm rather upset with this. I'm aware that elf is a less expensive alternative to higher priced cosmetics companies, but when the quality of your brush is to fall apart (the bristles, the ferrule seperated from the handle completely) in one use!!! that is a tad upsetting. I thought the goal of this cosmetics company was to make the art of cosmetics available to everyone regardless of price point, I'm beginning to second guess that notion.

I guess in order to get quality, you have to pay for it, Crown Brush makes great quality brushes, they've held up very well!

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