Oct 21, 2011

Wet-N-Wild Fast dry in Silvivor Review

This is by far my most favorite nail varnish available in drug stores!
It retails at only $2.99 (CAD) and is a "fast-dry" product--which above being fairly true to form, is mighty convenient. You can paint a whole hand with only one or two dips, also the texture is amazing, it's rich and velvety but not to thick in consistency.

It was love at first coat; but then I applied a second, and fell even more in love with this polish! It has superior coverage, it's fairly opaque and super awesome metallic-y/sparkle shine! It's like liquid chrome! it's wonderful!

I will be purchasing many more of these in the future:)


  1. That is beautiful and I will be purchasing me one! Thanx!

  2. I'm still so in love with it. The Gold Glitter-The Gold and the Beautiful; the colour is beautiful, but I just don't love it as much as Silvivor. I want the Blue and Coral shades next!